At Mised Out, we promote under-represented culinary voices. Historical human rights abuses in the kitchen need to be addressed. We specifically stock works by and about historically marginalized voices from the cooking world as part of that mission.

Implicit in this mission is respect for others, an understanding that differing voices and views should be given a seat at the culinary table. Diverse cultures and histories make cooking robust, satisfying – and always challenging in the best possible way!

Beliefs and Boundaries

However, beliefs cannot be used as shields by those who violate fundamental human rights. It’s illegal to yell “Fire! in a crowded theatre, despite the fundamental right to freedom of speech. It is equally immoral to make money from good produced by human rights abuses, despite the deep belief that diverse thinking and experiences should be respected.

Human Rights Abuses and Cooking

Our differences make us special. Our similarities make us family.

For those of you who’ve visited our shop over the years, you’ve seen the variety of kitchenwares: tools, gadgets and gear to stock any kitchen. Like many shops, we source a variety of our products from China. We have the greatest admiration for the Chinese people, for their cuisine and their culture. However, numerous political events over the past several months – from Hong Kong to Xinjiang – have made it clear to us that it is unethical to continue to source products from China. We cannot make money from the suffering of others. And, we cannot support an economy that is managed by a government that would subject its own people to the abuses that have been reported.

Effective immediately, we have removed Chinese-sources products from our shop.

As a result, many of the products you might have once bought from us are no longer available. We are working hard – but very, very carefully – to find new manufacturers in regions of the world where the rule of law and fundamental human rights are respected.

Looking Forward

As I said earlier, we have immense respect for the people, culture and food of China. And, we will continue to stock books by Chinese authors and chefs living abroad. Our mission is to promote historically marginalized culinary voices and demands our support for Chinese chefs. We cannot, though, stock products made in China given its government’s use of forced labor. All of us at Mised Out hope that the current repressive political tone will change in Beijing. And when it does, we will excitedly return to working with our creative, energetic Chinese suppliers.

To our customers, we thank you for your continued understanding and support. And, to the people of China, we wish you every success in your continued fight for fundamental human rights.

  • Chef Scott