french cooking

In home

Spend an afternoon with us learning a new recipe and making new friends. We will design a custom French menu based on your interests and diet.

Hands on

Il faut mettre la main à la pâte.

Throw on an apron. Roll up your sleeves. Cooking isn’t something you watch. It’s something you do!

We are hands on and about to make some culinary magic!

For everyone!

Looking to learn a new recipe? Just starting out in the kitchen? Looking for a relaxing afternoon with good food? Whatever your level and interest, The School @ Mised Out is for you!

Set in a professional kitchen

Well, not at the moment. Our building has been sold so we are on the hunt for a new location. As soon as we find a suitable space, we’ll be reopening cooking classes in our professional kitchen. Until then, feel free to contact us for in-home lessons!