Never talk about politics, religion or money.

This was accepted wisdom when I was growing up. Beliefs run deep. Some matters are too personal to be shared. You can’t change people’s minds, so why start an argument?

The tragedy that is George Floyd’s death has engulfed our country. The need to confront systematic racial injustice has spread across the globe. And today, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. Justice has been served, and I am deeply grateful for that. Our legal system is not perfect and has failed victims in the past.

But now, the hard work must start. As important has today’s decision is, the conviction of one man does not solve the discrimination and injustice that minorities face every day. Each of us is a member of our society, so each of us has a role to play in dismantling the systematic racism that is part of our society. We will need direct, open and honest dialog. We will need to always remember that first – before all else – each of us a vulnerable human being with dreams, hopes, fears. We must see ourselves in one another. We must continue to insist on having painful conversations because without understanding there can be no change.

At Mised Out, we focus on difficult conversations related to food justice. We fight against climate change. We strive to be a platform for historically under represented culinary voices. Food connects us at the most fundamental level. Culinary traditions also reflect our histories and experiences. At Mised Out, we believe that cooking and sharing food provides a space for us to begin to understand one another, to have insights into other histories and experiences. Because without understanding, there can be no change.

We must change. We have great capacity for goodness.

We must change. We have great capacity for compassion.

We must change. We have great capacity for justice.

We must change. We will change.

We are starting with food. Where will you start?