French Recipes for the Home Cook

 Local. Sustainable. Organic.

That’s the heart of French cooking.

C’est du gâteau.

-French proverb

And despite all the focus on stars, nouvelle this, and haute that, French cooking is first and always about home cooking. Our recipes are tested in a regular home kitchen. They use ingredients that are readily available, and techniques that anyone can use.

Whether you are looking for a new inspiration or a different twist on a French classic, stop by the Kitchen and see what’s cooking. And if you are looking for more inspiration, stop by The Shop for the best French cookbooks.

Bonne cuisine!

  • Courgettes Dorées (sautéd zucchini)

    Courgettes Dorées (sautéd zucchini)

    Today, we dive into the world of a humble yet versatile vegetable that has found a cherished place in the heart of French cuisine – the zucchini, or as we fondly call it, ‘la courgette’. Let’s explore the horticultural history of zucchini, its introduction into France, and its esteemed role in our traditional cooking. L’Histoire…

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  • Pot au feu (beef stew)

    Pot au feu (beef stew)

    Today, I invite you to join me on a culinary journey through the heart of traditional French cuisine. Prepare to we explore the timeless classic, Pot au Feu, and its connection to France’s rich gastronomic heritage! L’histoire du Pot au Feu Pot au Feu, literally translating to “pot on the fire,” is the epitome of…

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  • Pâté de champignon (mushroom pâté)

    Pâté de champignon (mushroom pâté)

    Today, I am delighted to share with you the exquisite world of pâté, a quintessential dish in French cuisine. Pâté has a rich history in French cooking, and its evolution to include vegetable and vegan variations is a testament to the ever-changing culinary landscape. The Roots of Pâté in French Gastronomy Pâté, in its traditional…

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