Beautiful and yummy cauliflower on an old wooden tableSome kids – and some adults! – dislike the strong flavor of cauliflower. It’s a pity.

Roasting cauliflower mellows out the flavor. Combined with some dairy, you have a hardy – and delicious – stand in for mashed potatoes. 

Let’s get cooking!

The Prep

Wash one head of cauliflower and cut into individual florets.

Measure 2 Tbsp each of milk, butter and olive oil.

Measure 1/4 C cream cheese.

You are mised out!

The Assembly

Preheat over to 350 degrees.

Toss the florets with the olive oil.

Roast for 1-2 hours.

Frozen florets work well if fresh veg is unavailable. Frozen cauliflower takes less time to roast. The size of the florets also affects roasting time which is why I provide such a range in roasting times. You want to remove the cauliflower when tender, but before it browns.

Allow the cauliflower to cool slightly and mash with the butter, milk and cream cheese.

For a creamer mash, use heavy cream in lieu of milk and increase the amount of cream cheese.

The Payoff

I like to pair this with shredded beef in a mushroom wine sauce.

You can add a variety of flavoring to the cauliflower mash depending on your pairing. A quarter cup of grated parmesan adds a salty, nutty flavor while a pinch or two of paprika lends a smoky note.

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