Banana bunch and sliced bananas in wood backgroundBananas may seem like a strange addition to risotto. Their sweet – and very unique – flavor is in direct opposition to the savory risottos we generally find.

Now, I’m all for tradition. But, every so often you have to let a little bit of crazy into the kitchen too. Which is exactly what I did last night.

Let’s get cooking!

In the pot went a cup of arborio and half a cup of chicken stock. As the rice started to absorb the liquid, I added 2/3s of a banana – sliced into half-inch think disks.

More stock.

Lots of stirring.

And towards the end, a healthy pinch of cayenne powder.

We served the risotto along side roast pork shoulder and a smoky, peppery mustard greens sauce.

The sweetness of the banana nicely complimented the pork, while the spice helped cut through the richness of the plate.