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French Cooking – Simple and Delicious

French cooking is about local ingredients, a respect for the earth, and a focus on the diner’s experience.

The French are obsessed with food. And rightly so!

La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin.

— French proverb

This French proverb about wine holds equally true for food. Life is too short to eat bad food.

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Life is Too Short

French cooking has a complex reputation. Delicious, of course. But it is also often characterized as complex and fussy. Some French food does focus on technique for technique’s sake. That’s super fun when you have the time and want to impress.

But as a working dad, I don’t have time. And most nights, the only people I have to impress are two growing boys.

I started Mised Out to share French recipes that are fast, healthy, and kid-friendly (because they are that delicious). Whether you are cooking for yourself or your entire family, you’ll find inspiring French dishes here.

French Cooking the Mised Out Way

The Shop @ Mised Out sells English-language cookbooks that focus on French cooking. The Shop also includes cookware and bakeware that we source from artisans around the world.

The Kitchen @ Mised Out is where wetest and share recipes from both English-language and French-language cookbooks.

And, The School @ Mised Out, we teach hands-on cooking classes – again from French and English language cookbooks.

Follow our social channels for updates on the latest French language cooking podcasts, books, and peeks into daily life in and around The Kitchen.

Details Make All the Difference

There’s truth in the old New Yorker cartoon: “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.”

So, who is Mised Out?

We are based outside of Chicago, IL.

For the time being, The Shop is online only – although we have dreams of opening a brick and mortar version of The Shop when conditions allow.

Cooking classes – temporarily suspended due to COVID – are held at a professional kitchen that we rent.

Mised Out is a passion project where I share two things that I love to do. I’ve spoken French for nearly forty years. I’ve studied cooking both in the US and Europe, although I never attended culinary school.  Registered – but never attended. Life is too short!

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