Ooh La La!

I’ve always had a thing for French food – well all things French, TBH.

French food is delicious, of course. But it’s also authentic, respectful of ingredients, healthy, and inclusive.

I set up Mised Out to share my love of French cuisine and encourage others to cook more like the French. Bonne cuisine!

La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. Ou manger de la mauvaise nourriture.

— French proverb

The heart of French cooking

I’m not a professional chef (although that is a picture of my pan in The Kitchen).

I’m a working dad who loves to cook. And that means, if I can cook French food, so can you!

The heart of French cooking isn’t found in fancy restaurants. It’s at home, where French cooking was born – and where generations of French have learned to appreciate quality, freshness, and sustainable cooking.

french cooking

What can you find here?

The Shop @ Mised Out sells English-language cookbooks that focus on French cooking. The Shop also includes cookware and bakeware that we source from artisans around the world.

The Kitchen @ Mised Out is where we test and share recipes from both English-language and French-language cookbooks.

And, The School @ Mised Out, we teach hands-on cooking classes – again from French and English language cookbooks.

Follow our social channels for updates on the latest French language cooking podcasts, books, and peeks into daily life in and around The Kitchen.

So, who is Mised Out?

We are based outside of Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

For the time being, The Shop is online only – although we have dreams of opening a brick and mortar version of The Shop when conditions allow.

Cooking classes – temporarily suspended first due to COVID and then because our building was sold – are currently available in-home in the Chicago area. We are scouting for a new building and hope to reopen classes in our professional kitchen soon.

Mised Out is a passion project where I share two things that I love to do. I’ve spoken French for nearly forty years. I’ve studied cooking both in the US and Europe, although I never attended culinary school.  Registered – but never attended. Life is too short!

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