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Inspiring French Cookbooks

In France, cooking is a serious art form and national sport.

— Julia Child

Cooking is an act of generosity

Hospitality. Nourishment. Sharing.

We honor the best spirit of cooking by donating a percentage of each sale to help others.

In the US, one in six kids struggles with food insecurity. Join us in helping to end the poverty cycle by bringing an end to childhood hunger.

Cookware for That Perfect Meal

Cooking is a story of memory and of family.

— Erika Blu

Our customers

We were very excited to find it at your shop rather than a big box store.


I appreciate the extra effort you have put into this order. I have Mised Out bookmarked because of your efforts.


I’m really excited to give this to my mom for her birthday because I know how special it is (and she’s a terrific cook).


It’s a beautiful book and I love it! Thank you so much.


I had the book for 2 days before I gifted it to my friend and ordered another for myself. Can’t wait to give in again.


Thank you so much! You have been an amazing help!


Cooking with courage and love

For French cooks, the only culinary sin is apathy. The French have a profound respect for both the diner and the ingredients that go into a meal.

Love is the first ingredient in every French recipe. French cooking is welcoming and generous with a focus on local, sustainable ingredients. Both bound by tradition and constantly evolving, it’s a cuisine that both delights and surprises.

“Mised out” means “ready to cook”. So, are you ready to cook – the French way? If so, stop by The Shop and pick up a new cookbook. Or pop over to The Kitchen where we test recipes from the best French cookbooks.

Hands On Cooking Lessons

Love always starts at the table.

— French proverb

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