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April is
Volunteer Month

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s how connected we all are.

What I do impacts you. What you do impacts me. April is the month for us all to make a positive impact on others. Whether you informally help out or join a formal organization, make this the month that you make a positive change for those around you.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, I can’t recommend No Kid Hungry enough. And, if your interests lie elsewhere, take a look at our Bookshelf for ideas around social or environmental justice.


Cooking has the power to transform you. And to transform the world. The choices of what and how we cook affect our physical and mental health. As importantly, though, these choices also affect our environment. Cooking connects us to our pasts and to our future.
At Mised Out, we strive for cooking that is joyous, generous and thoughtful. We celebrate culinary choices that are respectful, balanced and harmonious. It’s how we live and how we cook. So, what’s that look like?


Give While You Get

Who doesn’t love a new cookbook? But, what if every time you bought something for yourself, you helped someone else? That’s exactly what The Shop does.

One in seven American children (that’s 11 million kids!) faces hunger every day. Food insecurity creates significant and lasting damage to a child’s health and academic performance, leading in turn to greater poverty and crime.

We believe that this vicious cycle needs to be broken, which is why 5% of all proceeds from The Shop are donated to efforts like No Kid Hungry.


The Great Swap Out

We all could do with a more plant-based diet. Whether you want to lose weight, lower your blood pressure or reduce your cholesterol, plant-based diets are proven to deliver results.

Moreover, factory farms subject animals to truly inhumane treatment. And, animal farming is estimated to generate more than 14% of global greenhouse gases – that’s more emissions than cars, trucks and airplanes combined!

That doesn’t mean that we need to turn our backs on our culinary heritage. Rather, it gives us the opportunity to re-imagine classics with a plant-based re-interpretation. Join us at The Kitchen School to find out how.


Empty bowls

No kid should be hungry

10% of all proceeds will be donated to No Kid Hungry, empowering the most at-risk among us to become the next generation’s heroes.

Mised What?

Mise en place means setting up, putting things in their spot. In professional kitchens, mised en place is the preparation that cooks do before actually cooking.

Equipment is where you need it. Herbs and vegetables are washed and minced, diced, chopped or whatever the evening’s recipes require. Oils, salt and pepper are all at the ready. This is also the time to make sure you’re mentally prepared because negativity shows in your cooking. (Negativity also increases your chances of accidents, so beware!) When you finish your mise en place, you are mised out – ready to focus on the cooking itself.

At Mised Out, we aim to help you get ready for cooking – lessons, cookbooks and more. Because a prepared cook can change the world.



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