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Cookbooks and kitchenwares
with a French twist

Cook with Courage and Love

We must always cook with our whole heart. And no one knows this better than the French.

French cuisine is a mindful balance of self-care and care for others. As such, it embraces a healthy approach to eating with a focus on local, sustainable ingredients. What’s more, French cooks understand that we get more by giving to the earth than by taking from it.

“Mised out” means “ready to cook”. So, are you ready to cook the French way?

Giving Back

One in six US kids struggles with food insecurity. To help end the poverty cycle, we donate a percent of each sale to stopping childhood hunger.

We’re ready to cook. Are you?

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Thank you so much! You have been an amazing help!
– Eric

I had the book for 2 days before I gifted it to my friend and ordered another for myself. Can’t wait to dive in again.
– Leslie

I’m really excited to give this to my mom for her birthday because I know how special it is (and she’s a terrific cook).
– Colly

It’s a beautiful book and I love it!  Thank you so much.
– Christina

I appreciate the extra you have put into this order. I have Mised Out bookmarked because of your efforts. 
– Kristina

We were very excited to find it at your shop rather than a big box store.

Thank you, Chef Scott for your kind note.

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